Section 1: Business Information

Company name and address

Point of Contact Details

Main director's name and address

Section 2: Legal Economic & Financial Information

Number of years experience selling in the utility market:
If Requested: Can you provide details of your financial business activities for the past 2 years?:

If Requested: Are your accounts available from Company House?:

Section 3: Sales & Technical Information (Means of proof will be required)

Have you or any of your Directors worked with Water Plus before?:

Do you currently operate an aggregator model – i.e. do you engage sub-brokers?:

What is your split between new acquisition and change of occupier sales?
Can you execute inbound and outbound campaigns and report on such?:

Do you have the facilities to make call recordings and capture call outcomes on every record and update data as appropriate?:

Would you be interested in exclusivity or partnerships with Water Plus?:

Section 4: Other Information